Pastor’s Corner – June 15, 2014

I wish to thank all those who mow our lawns.  I hope that others who would like to help them. Please call the rectory to volunteer.

Last Monday, our eighth graders graduated from our school.  I will miss them and I wish them, along with our eighth graders in public school, God’s speed and a life of holiness.

I do hope that more of you can purchase one of our 50/50 tickets.  We are hoping to raise $50,000 for the parish.  Right now the first prize is $10,000, to be split between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  We are hoping that it will climb to at least $25,000 by the time of the drawing.

We still have quite a ways to go to pay for the new microphone system in the church.  An earmarked donation would be greatly appreciated.

In understanding the Trinity the only safe way to describe this mystery is to simply say that God is one in one way and three in another way.  That is, there are three Persons in the one God.  This is one of the absolute mysteries of the Church.  In other words, no human being will ever fully understand it.  What is even more shocking is even the Blessed Mother does not fully understand it.  Why?  Because God is supernatural and we are only natural.  In other words, you might want to say that we are not wired to understand it.  Or as my military science instructor used to say, “Don’t think, Mister!  You are not equipped to think!”

Why is the Holy Trinity so necessary?  Before creation, God would have had no one to love.  Since God cannot change and since God is love, how can He be love without someone to love?  We cannot say that God loved Himself because that would be either egoism or narcissism.  Love has three realities: one who loves, one who is loved and the love who unites them.  In the Scriptures, each Person of the Trinity never speaks about Himself, but about the others.  The Father speaks only about the Son.  Jesus, speaks only about the Father and the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit makes us call out “Abba.”

Adam and Eve were created as a family, but they never realized that God was also a family.  This only became known when Jesus revealed this . complicated mystery.  God’s communion of love becomes the model for the family.  In the Trinity there is a perfect union of love, but in us there is a unity in

diversity.  We may come close to a common union of thought, intentions and will, but we cannot satisfy our yearning for union perfectly – except in the movies.

We have a twofold image and likeness to God.  We are like God because of our immortal nature and our ability to make free choices.  When Adam was alone in the second creation account, he had a very contemplative communion with God.  He could savor the wonders of God undistracted by the Fall.  This helps to give a spiritual understanding of celibacy and our eventual celibate life in heaven.  When God fashions Eve out of Adam’s rib, they gain a capacity to live in communion with each other and eventually with others as a loving society.  Marriage becomes the first Sacrament.  So when someone asks you where is it in the Bible that God makes marriage a Sacrament, you simply have to say in the first two chapters of Genesis.

When Marriage is announced in Genesis (2:24), it becomes a human reflection of the Holy Trinity.  In stead of three Persons in one God, a man and a woman are mystically joined into one.  That is, “two become one.”  And for those who marry, they can imitate God by co-creating children (Gn 4:1) if it is God’s will.

Fr. Euk



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